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Our benefits

Our company was founded in 2019, but already in this short time we managed to provide support to various organizations: from individual entrepreneurs to large companies experiencing various kinds of difficulties in their daily activities.

In our work, the employees of our company are guided by the principles of a comprehensive objective presentation of information, taking into account the legal requirements and economic characteristics of different countries.


Center for International Cooperation "Result"

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Our goal is to ensure effective interaction between Russian and foreign companies engaged in foreign economic activity

About the company

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Extensive network of contacts

Years of practice in the best coordination structures of the country allow our specialists to create an extensive network of business ties that contribute to an organic and productive interaction with various business institutions.


"Just-in-time" concept

The basis of this concept is the implementation of the services quickly and at the right time, while the quality of these services remains at its best.


High-quality performance of services

Our company uses all channels for optimization of the information and resources so that in the future our customers can get the most benefit from our services.


A complex approach

We try to unite the accumulated experience and skills of all our specialists when we are engaged in solving the tasks set for us.

Our activities

Our company provides a complex of services of accompaniment of your organization for entering foreign markets: from first contact with potential partners to signing a contract on beneficial conditions for you 

Partner search

We search for potential warm contacts in any country / region you are interested in

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Marketing research

We conduct unique marketing research to identify prospects for entering new markets

Adaptation and translation of marketing materials

We create commercial materials in another language

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Attracting investments

We assist in attracting investments for your business projects

Our partners



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Independent Cross-Industry Online - Award for business professionals

"Administrative Director of the Year 2020"


Association "Association of Administrative and Economic Professionals" (Association of AHP) invites you to participate in the Independent Interdisciplinary Online Award "Administrative Director - 2020".

The prize is awarded for the successful implementation of projects by management professionals during a pandemic.

2020 has become a landmark year for administrative and business specialists. They were faced with the fact that they had to completely rebuild business processes in the company, organize remote workstations, urgently take measures to ensure the safety of employees working in the office, build a supply chain for remote offices, and think about what to do with the vacated office space. Rapidly developing online technologies and artificial intelligence came to the aid of administrative and economic managers.

The organizer of the Prize Association Association AHP highly appreciates the work done by the managers of the economic sphere. This year, the Prize will be awarded in nominations that have affected the most important changes in the profession and required the highest professionalism, hard work and ingenuity from specialists.

Date: February 25, 2021 from 9:00 to 19:00 online


115114, Moscow, Letnikovskaya St. 10, office 7

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