Partner search

When choosing the service "Search for foreign partners", our company is ready to provide a list of potential partners who will be interested in cooperation with you and are ready for further negotiations with your side.

What problems our clients facing during search of partners on their own?

Failure to correctly establish the first contact with a potential client

Unfortunately, the culture of negotiations in Russia is not as developed as that of our foreign entrepreneurs and many Russian-speaking employees who have numerous experience in sales behind them cannot correctly establish the first contact with the client and put strong pressure on him. For this reason, most attempts to establish communication with an overseas partner fail. In our company, we treat potential clients with respect and immediately discuss with you what information should be conveyed to the client.

Often face with unreliable partners

Our company carefully checks all potential partners for fraud. Also, in the negotiation process, we make sure that the partner does not create situations that can lead you to negative consequences.


High costs of maintaining a permanent staff of professional negotiators

In addition to performing daily tasks for the smooth functioning of the company, employees of many companies simply do not have time to find and attract new clients, not to mention lack of experience in negotiating. Not all companies are willing to hire and maintain experienced negotiators, as this is costly. Our company takes this function for you and provides qualified personnel on a project basis.

Lack of legal literacy in international trade

We, like no one else, know about the various features of the implementation of trade transactions abroad and, if necessary, we can advise what legal and financial factors affect the conclusion of transactions at the international level .

Partner search stages

As part of the provision of this service, the specialists of our company divide their activities to find potential partners into the following stages:


Primary market analytics


Preparatory stage


Negotiation process


Ready Buyers List

Research of the conjuncture of the foreign market to determine the key features and development prospects

Creation of a preliminary list of potential partners in the market of your choice

Conducting negotiations with potential partners with verification of interest in establishing contact

Formation of a list of potential buyers who have shown interest and are ready to start substantive negotiations with the exporting company

Additional services

 Development, adaptation and translation of marketing materials 

Negotiation process support

 We create commercial offers, presentations and other materials necessary to establish a successful first contact 


We help companies in need of resolving communication problems in negotiations


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